Stand Out From The Rest

Stand Out From The Rest

Getting off to a good start with someone is important regardless of the environment. Whether it’s centered in the business world with a new boss, client, colleague, or otherwise in a personal atmosphere, getting off on the right foot is more significant than we may think. First impressions are especially important, because a bad one will be harder to shake off in an attempt to redeem oneself. Here are three basic tips to improve your chances at forming an exceptional first impression, no matter who you may be meeting for the first time.

1. Be kind!

To ensure a compelling first impression and to form an emotional connection, definitely make the effort of emanating kindness. A simple warm smile does a world of good. When our brains are undergoing the “fight-or-flight” process and determining whether someone should be perceived as a threat or not, genuine warmth and kindness goes a long way. Make a sincere effort to be pleasant with the right body language.

2. Appear capable!

Although assessing someone’s competence isn’t usually done right away, you still want to convey the appearance of efficiency, capability, and general adequacy. One way of showing competency is by being confident in your very demeanor, as well as your tone of voice, body language, and willingness to engage with the people around you. Maintaining concrete reputations, significant accomplishments, and awesome networks can promote your own sense of competency.

3. Show value!

The question in the back (or maybe front) of everyone’s mind is “What can you do for me? What value can you bring?” When meeting someone in a professional environment for the first time, you certainly want to shed light to that question – but not in a direct way. Rather than merely stating your name and job title, try providing a simple and quick explanation of what you actually do in a like-able and non-pushy way.

Kindness, capability, and value. Portraying these three qualities during an initial encounter can greatly increase your chances of coming across in an impressive way. Kindness is essential, no matter the environment. Competence and general capability will reveal themselves eventually, and in the business world, having true value is key.