Sales & Account Management


We are currently seeking a multi-faceted sales and accounts manager for an inside and outside sales channel in parts of a creative and fast-paced team. We work in a highly collaborative environment where the finest ideas prevail, and we value going above and beyond what has already been achieved. We believe that – like our products and services – our sales team posses the highest quality of communication, transparency, honesty and knowledge of the marketing and advertising industry to provide end solutions for client challenges to solution model, and we’re looking for the right talent to contribute to the team and grow within the industry.

The sale and accounts manager will be the forefront on all clients, whether prospected or inbound, and support our organization to ensure goal, quotas and overseeing existing accounts for ongoing monthly management and support. You will work closely with the project manager and our design and marketing team to ensure proper fulfillment and supporting factors.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.


– Actively managing and growing a dedicated sales territory.

– Actively managing and growing relationships with other marketing agencies.

– Actively managing and growing Inside Sales to meet or exceed division sales goals.

– B2B calling on a continuous basis – Leads provided on going sales process.

– Building long-term, productive, and mutually beneficial relationships with new customers.

– Responsible for putting together a sales team for regional sales targeting initiatives


– 3 years of business to business sales or has worked within the marketing and technology industry

– Strong organizational and leadership skills.

– Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

– Successful candidate must have excellent people skills, be able to solve problems creatively, have excellent oral and written communication skills

– A proven track record in developing and closing targeted sales

– Work flexible hours with the ability to attend sales events beyond the normal business hours.

– Must have strategic and analytical skills and the ability to “think outside the box”



  • What sales tools have you used in the past? (i.e. Trello,, sales force, hootsuite, later, slack, dropbox, google developers tool and furthermore...)
  • How do you go about your day to day sales routines? (i.e. phone calls, leads, account follow-ups, networking groups and furthermore...)
  • Why would you like to join our community? (i.e. What can you contribute that may be different than the next candidate? Anything special bringing to the table? Furthermore...)

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