Throughout our journey, we have made a substantial number of changes to improve customer experiences.  As the creative and tech industry continues to change, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve.

Our job is to ensure a sustainable infrastructure to ensure proper adaption to process and ROI


The nurturing of the our own seed began. Founder Vincent Shonia created Rock’n Graphix to help make all things beautiful in the digital world through creative approaches in graphic design, print media and general business solutions. It marked a new era in traditional business and the promise for customer over profits.


The company, Rock’n Graphix hit a mild stone as a significant number of customers were demanding further solutions for the digital world. As unfamiliar territories were approaching we had to justify the longevity of the organization by truly understanding the technical, systematic and fundamental aspects of digital solutions in order to grow and facilitate client relations. So we decide to put a hold on bringing on new customers and reinvent the company ensure a successful scaling process years later.


Rock’n Graphix officially relaunched under a new philosophy… Sustaining the corner stone as an all in one, one stop solution based marketing agency accommodating customers with nearly 62 new services and subset solutions in the industry. Scaling our services from San Diego to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Austin. Servicing over 300 clients across the United States.


As business continued to scale, the company realized the if it would to become that household name – national brand, Rock’n Graphix as the name would not make the cut for a number of reasons. For starters, the name its self. After carefully interviewing 272 people, 87% of the consumers believed that the company was primarily a graphics company. So it was than we decide to make a drastic change and compete rebrand to provide a trusted approach in the industry. 9 months later, ParkWest Creative Solutions was born.


As our story continues, theres one thing for certain; that our love, our passion and our dedication for making a difference in this industry will continue to grow stronger than ever before. And that ParkWest will moderate the way business gets done with many more success stories in the near future.

And The
Story Continues!

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