Making an impact through
Community Outreach

The difference is here and the choice is yours

It’s all about change and making an impact within our community by bringing people together, making a difference, and initiating change for all. Our pledge is to provide people of all walks in life the proper resources, informative education, charitable work, partnerships, and sponsorships.

Back to Work

Helping the unsheltered find a way out of the unstable living conditions and get them back on their feet towards a career.


Introducing high school seniors to the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Intern within
Advanced Marketing

Whether your starting off or advancing in the marketing space, we have programs to help you find your place in this vast industry.


Offering high school and college student yearly scholarships through our merits program. Designed to help students reach they’re dreams.


Bringing the community together through our a monthly outreach gathering with keynote locals, inspiring stories, food, drinks, and much more.

Investors &

An exclusive synergy club for individuals seeking to collaborate with like minded professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.