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Serene Health is a healthcare company founded in 2015 with the objective of patient health through management, community support, and behavioral health solutions. With over 3,000 members and growing and locating in over 10 counties throughout California, Serene Health is one of the largest networks of healthcare providers throughout the coast.

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The client’s old identity provided no balance or initial focal point, and brand definition was weak to nonexistent. A complete redesign was needed based on the current growth and scaling model. Bolder, larger fonts represented the name; everything else became secondary. The new logo proved to be much more fitting for their current position in the market. Lastly, Serene Health’s desired approach aligns with their industry model as they continue to expand.

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ParkWest Solutions developed Serene Health’s website on WordPress, utilizing the Avada theme for its comprehensive design. This theme was selected for its extensive customization capabilities in terms of design, layout, and functionality, as well as its responsiveness to mobile devices, tablets, and compatibility with third-party applications. The website features a custom design with a strong emphasis on mobile accessibility and enhancing user engagement. The development for Serene Health centered around incorporating features that improve the user experience and ease of access to services. Furthermore, the website integrates advanced marketing tools and automation techniques focused on generating leads and fostering user interaction.

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Behavioral health services are becoming more common due to the increase of mental health awareness throughout the United States. As new clinics and small practices becoming common, domination in specific regions and geographical locations is extremely important. By ranking through specific short and long-tail keywords, based on specific regions Serene Health expands into, our focus was to boost their presence in local markets (approximately a 10 mile radius), and expand specific low-ranking keywords like “Behavioral Health, Enhanced Care Management, Community Support Services,” etc. By focusing on the low-keyword difficulty factor, it allows for the higher keyword difficulty keywords thereafter as traction picks up through ranking.

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Our Three Core Values


Creativity is a key element of change, growth and adaptability.  By shedding new ideas through imagination, our team members are able to reach for the stars and think outside the box, allowing the creative process for ideas to run wild.


Our morals and principals are founded under commitment to excellence. Staying focus and determined to achieve great heights while maintaining our promises through relationship, team members and our community.


We’re old school. Providing traditional values and principals to our relationships and projects. We believe that by doing traditional business, relationships go much farther and sustain efficiency while keeping up with the time.