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Deli Belly is a New York style deli founded in 2013. It was established on the idea of bringing premium and flavorful style sandwiches reminiscent of the East Coast straight to San Diego. With its first deli opening in El Cajon almost ten years ago, Deli Belly now has five locations throughout San Diego County and plenty more to come. Deli Belly’s primary focus is expanding its current business model to 25 locations by the year 2025. They plan to begin franchising in the first quarter of 2026. Although the current model has been successful primarily based on word of mouth, Deli Belly’s goals with the ongoing expansion process is to tackle a new client base with emphasis on catering events, business functions, and other engagements.

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The client’s old identity provided no balance or initial focal point, and brand definition was weak to nonexistent. Without steering away completely, Deli Belly’s logo was tweaked to illustrate a more appropriate approach for their overall vibe. Bolder, larger fonts represented the name; everything else became secondary. The new logo proved to be much more fitting for their current position in the market. Lastly, Deli Belly’s desired approach was aligned with their growth and franchising needs as they continue to tackle on more locations over the next few years.

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ParkWest Solutions developed Deli Belly’s on WordPress and used the Avada theme to design it. We chose the Avada theme primarily due to its extensive customizable usage of design, layout, function, and responsiveness to mobile devices, tablets, and integration of third party applications. The site was completely custom-designed with the build-out focusing on mobile ordering for customers. Deli Belly partnered with DoorDash’s storefront interface to elaborate on the volume of delivery orders, while also integrating HubSpot’s marketing tools for ongoing efforts. This included several automations for lead generation and user functionality towards carry-out and repeat orders. The website currently houses 18 pages with three funnel pages for marketing initiatives and actions.

Localized SEO

Delis are a common industry; you can find them just about everywhere. This put a challenging twist on Deli Belly’s SEO efforts, seeing as their goal was to gain 15% of the local market cap. By doing so, they had to dominate the search results under specific keywords made up of both short and long-tail keywords. After a thorough audit process, we realized that many of their competitors weren’t really ranking for specific keywords, which gave us the advantage. This means that many of the most popular keywords can easily be taken over with enough time and effort. With our hybrid approach utilizing a series of primary keywords, short-tale and long-tail keywords, along with testimonials/reviews, weekly articles consisting of 800+ words, and a minor back-linking process, we were able to rank on the top across 5 local cities.

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