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CPACE Lending is a CPACE private lending group specializing in providing financing options for retroactive CPACE financing, renovations & retrofits, ground-up new construction and CPACE refinance. Their goal is to provide competitive financing for small and large organizations with the growth of specific projects, and help save money along the way; this helps the business maximize their profits to meet their bottom. Their ultimate goal? Attacking the market at full force and marketing to a specific group of people who may benefit from all their products and services.

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The name for CPACE Lending was created with the goal of bringing two parent items into place: CPACE for the loan types provided to consumers, and financing for the purpose of their operations. The CPACE Financing approach was geared towards being minimal and professional. Steering away from the noise, we wanted to get straight to the point. The colors green and black symbolize money and the dominance of financial means. The type family, Poppins, is a san-serif style that allows eligibility and quick comprehension of the brand without a second glance.

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Satin matte business cards + brochures

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Branded wraps + bags + beverage cups


100% 4oz. polo shirts + full color tees

Web Design

ParkWest Solutions developed CPACE Lending’s website on WordPress and used the Avada theme to design it. We chose the Avada theme primarily due to its extensive customizable usage of design, layout, function, and responsiveness to mobile devices, tablets, and integration of third party applications with a custom design approach. Several integrated applications were used to help with the lead generation process, such as PipeDrive for prospect management and follow-ups, Calendly for scheduling and appointment settings, Zapier for certain connectivities, and a few other marketing tools. After collaborating with the client, we maximized their website and incorporated several automations for lead generation and user functionality.

Sales Workflows

To stay ahead of the sales race, volume networking was an effective method target, seeing as many consumers seek out project financing. With every business card, list of attendees, and third party leads, it was important to scale the outreach process through an automated approach. Creating several campaigns with 9-16 touch points and segments, we used a campaign combination of emails, SMS, phone calls, and voice mail drops. All these communication tactics had their open rates monitored, in addition to call tracing through a propitiatory software to achieve this goal.

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Our Three Core Values


Creativity is a key element of change, growth and adaptability.  By shedding new ideas through imagination, our team members are able to reach for the stars and think outside the box, allowing the creative process for ideas to run wild.


Our morals and principals are founded under commitment to excellence. Staying focus and determined to achieve great heights while maintaining our promises through relationship, team members and our community.


We’re old school. Providing traditional values and principals to our relationships and projects. We believe that by doing traditional business, relationships go much farther and sustain efficiency while keeping up with the time.