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Blackout Pre-Rolls is a new product cannabis line focusing on premium inventory. Blackout carries cannabis flowers with three strands: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Their secret sauce lays in the nurture of the cultivation process 6 months in advance. The flower is completely free of pesticides and additives, and uses propitiatory manure feeding, with a list of other nutrients to provide on an average of 82.6% (+/-) TCH + 36.1% CBD combination. Blackout’s focus is national product line placement; the first 3 years are solely focusing on California, Colorado, and Washington. Their long-term, 7 year goal is to hit 26 states.

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The naming process for Blackout Pre-Rolls was inspired by the classic 1970s notion of “smoking until you black out.” Granted, today’s cannabis products are much more prominent than the 70’s, with higher THC levels and the old-fashioned idea of “blacking out” (not literally). Our inspiration was the old-school rugged feel, while simultaneously incorporating the lavish color combination of black and gold: a true representation of luxury symbolism. This idea went along with a twist of knock-out boxing, giving it a spin-off of urban importance.

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Glass tube with wooden cork top


Metallic BOPP labels + Informational Content

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Formatted into promotional raffle

Sales Workflows

Many restrictions are associated with marketing efforts in the cannabis industry, so we had to think outside the box. What we found to be feasible was creating a number of workflows and potential prospects via cold-outreaching. Initially, we were able to download a mass list of specific and targeted audiences, mainly founders and owners of dispensaries, grow-ops, retail, and manufacturing, and targeted the list by creating specific copy. We then automated our messaging through a combination of emails, SMS, phone calls, and voice mail drops on a 9 segment process through a propitiatory software to achieve this goal.

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Creativity is a key element of change, growth and adaptability.  By shedding new ideas through imagination, our team members are able to reach for the stars and think outside the box, allowing the creative process for ideas to run wild.


Our morals and principals are founded under commitment to excellence. Staying focus and determined to achieve great heights while maintaining our promises through relationship, team members and our community.


We’re old school. Providing traditional values and principals to our relationships and projects. We believe that by doing traditional business, relationships go much farther and sustain efficiency while keeping up with the time.