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Anytime Shine is a mobile detailing service professional servicing San Diego County since 2019. It was created with the modeled focus of same-day wash and detail requests, performed in an hour or less. With a handful of existing detailers already in the industry, Anytime Shine came prepared with a long list of services to offer to residential and commercial customers. This client climbed all the way up the ladder with fleet companies housing 350+ company vehicles. Anytime Shine’s philosophy? A clean vehicle is a clean home!

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The naming process for Anytime Shine was inspired by their slogan: “We can come to you, any time, anywhere.” Safe to say, the chosen name seemed fitting. The emblem logo design was created to inspire a hip, classy approach to traditional logo design while still keeping it simple. A serif type font was the perfect choice.

Print Media Attributes

Print Media

Glossy business cards + Postcards

Car Wrap

Ford 150 Truck Decal Wrap + Custom Design


100% 4.6oz. cotton Polos + full color Tees

Web Design

ParkWest Solutions developed Anytime Shine’s website on WordPress and used the Bridge theme to design it. We chose the Bridge theme primarily due to its extensive customizable usage of design, layout, function, and responsiveness to mobile devices, tablets, and integration of third party applications, with a custom design approach. Several integrated applications were used to help with the lead generation process, such as Hubspot’s CRM for prospects, potential clients and follow-ups, Calendly for scheduling and appointment settings, Zapier for certain connectivities, and a few other marketing tools. After collaborating with the client, we maximized their website and incorporated several automations for lead generation and user functionality.

Sales Workflows

To maximize outbound marketing, workflow sequences using a combination of text messaging, email marketing, voice calling, and pre-recorded voice mail drops were used to target businesses with fleets of 20-50 vehicles. The business profile had to meet several sets of criteria, such as annual revenue of $20 million, 60+ employees, and 5+ years of business activity. The campaigns housed 8-15 touch points & segments, and were sent out each month with a new batch of business lists through our data-aggregated process. The deployment process took approximately 12 days.

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Our Three Core Values


Creativity is a key element of change, growth and adaptability.  By shedding new ideas through imagination, our team members are able to reach for the stars and think outside the box, allowing the creative process for ideas to run wild.


Our morals and principals are founded under commitment to excellence. Staying focus and determined to achieve great heights while maintaining our promises through relationship, team members and our community.


We’re old school. Providing traditional values and principals to our relationships and projects. We believe that by doing traditional business, relationships go much farther and sustain efficiency while keeping up with the time.