Ethical. Hardworking. Creative. Efficient. Punctual. Dedicated. Social, Kind Hearted and Well spoken.

Does this sound like you? if so, then we want you!

We are a team of creatives, designers, developers, problem solvers and hard working badasses. Our morals and approach to the industry are unprecedented because we build and scale on three fundamental values; Creativity, Commitment and Tradition.


Today, many companies try to confuse the process with human resource limitations, an over the top culture expectations, decades of years of work experience and the list goes on. We keep it simple because life is intended to be. And with that comes great growth and opportunities.

Current Career

Sr. Graphic

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Sales & Accounts

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Social Media

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Full Stack

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Our Heritage

Based out of San Diego, California, what started out as a small graphic design firm in 2009 has developed into a universal agency. ParkWest Solutions, formerly known as Rock’n Graphix, was founded with the vision of helping businesses overcome marketing and advertising challenges. By catering to specific needs within each specialized industry (including graphic design, print media, web & software development, digital marketing, and traditional advertising), we guide your business into achieving its full potential and success.

Our Approach

Our personalized approach begins with plenty of research. Before we propose any solution-based services, we must first have a definite understanding of your overall business. This includes the budget, targeted audience, current processes, and an introductory evaluation exploring the livelihood of your company.

From there, our team of skilled experts will implement a thorough business plan detailing your short and long-term goals, as well as proceed with the individualized services we offer. Our solutions are based on a plan that works for you in order to ensure ongoing and consistent results.

Our Mission

Our business model was founded on the sole notion that through the execution of traditional and transparent practices, we would become a household name within the industry. This includes preserving the simple bond of relationships, a man’s word to another, genuine ethical value, and the determination to support businesses in need.

Our mission involves having our products and services be available any time, any place. Whether your business is big or small, new or established, we are ready to guide you through any challenges and help you flourish!

The values we bring to benefitting your business set us aside in several ways. First, we pay attention to detail. Solutions are often in plain sight, so it’s all about how one can navigate through the obstacles and focus on making the proper changes. Secondly, we believe that transparency is the key for successful client relationships. We do not sugarcoat, and neither should you. The common business challenges you may face should be addressed early on in order to achieve full growth. Third, we realize that truly reaching business goals oftentimes shifts into more than the initial agreement. Thus, we are committed to going above and beyond to assure your company goals are met.